Whitney Stewart Interior Design
Whitney Stewart
Photo- Billy Bird

Whitney Stewart is an award-winning designer based in Washington DC where she has a well-known practice in designing homes. Her portfolio also includes offices and restaurants. She started decorating in Los Angeles before working in New York, London & Paris. Since settling in Washington, DC in 1995, she has developed a successful practice recognized for bringing international flair to her work. A hallmark of her approach is her knack in listening to clients and then successfully interpreting their needs and desires. Her approach involves attentive practiced listening, sensible evaluation and realization on budget and on time.

She is fluent in various styles. She believes in a classical style with a twist, yet also loves the chance to create totally modern interiors sometimes using antiques as punctuation. She believes in a sense of balance and proportion. She has extensive experience in decorative arts, fed by more than a decade living in Paris, followed by designing projects in London, all together with first hand exposure to decoration and design in those cities plus Vienna, Prague and St. Petersburg. Another advantage of her wide experience is her particularly long roster of unique sources for furniture, fabric, & objets. Because Whitney has worked on projects in a number of big European cities, she brings a large global network of interesting sources to her clients in the Washington area, including the Eastern Shore and Virginia.

Her touch of palette for the right colors and color combinations are widely recognized as a specialty in her work. A book by HOUSE BEAUTIFUL’s Colors for Your Home – which is becoming the new standard handbook on the subject, contains many pages about Whitney’s advice. HOUSE BEAUTIFUL and THE WASHINGTON POST frequently seek her advice on colors.

She participates regularly in leading ShowHouses and has been featured in TRADITIONAL HOME, THE WASHINGTON POST, INTERIOR DESIGN, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, GARDEN DESIGN, and MAISON FRANÇAISE. She is featured in several books on interior design: SHOWHOUSE REVIEW; COLORS FOR YOUR HOME; IT’S YOUR BED & BATH; HGTV ran a filmed segment about her; and HOUSE BEAUTIFUL has listed her as one of America’s top 100 designers.